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Les Landes Curriculum


At Les Landes we want the children to learn through a rich and challenging curriculum, building on skills and knowledge they develop as they move through the school.  Achievement at Les Landes is as broad as it can be, to reflect the individuality of all our pupils. When pupils leave KS2, we aim for them to have the confidence, resilience and increasing maturity to deal with whatever is next in their lives. We expect them to have developed:

  • A love of reading
  • A thirst to enquire, ask questions and find out
  • Positive relationships
  • Good behaviour
  • An ability to problem solve both within and outside the curriculum
  • Key Maths and English skills to prepare them for the next phase in their learning journey
  • Empathy and integrity


We believe that an enriched curriculum is essential in acquiring a passion for learning.  We ensure that teaching and learning provides progression of skill as well as sufficient coverage.  We focus sharply on local history and geography and prioritise learning beyond the classroom. 

Enriching the Curriculum

We aim to enrich the curriculum with memorable learning, experiences, including educational visits, outdoor learning opportunities, themed weeks, music concerts, workshops, visiting artists and other hands on learning experiences.  Each class will provide an off-site visit at least once a term.  Residential trips follow a progressive pattern so that children build up to a week-long trip by Year 6.  Arrangements for 2021-2 are:

  • Y3 Crabbe (2 extended days, not overnight)
  • Y4 Scout Hut (2 days)
  • Y5 St Aubin’s Fort (3 days)
  • Y6 Dorset PGL residential,  (5 days)